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Hi there, I’m Alican Toprak, a driven and passionate software developer based in Frankfurt, Germany. I’ve always been fascinated by technology and the limitless possibilities it offers, which is why I pursued a career in software engineering.

As a Senior Software Engineer at Adesso SE, I have the opportunity to bring my expertise and passion to the table every day. But my interests extend far beyond just software development. I also have a love for cooking, coffee brewing, woodworking, and bicycling. These hobbies allow me to tap into my creative side and explore new avenues of self-expression.

I’ve created this personal web page to share my journey with others. From my latest software projects to my latest coffee brewing experiments, I want to inspire others to pursue their own passions and interests. Whether you’re interested in technology or just love a good cup of coffee, I hope my site will offer something for everyone.

So come along for the ride and let’s explore what’s possible together! I can’t wait to connect and share my findings with you.

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