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Linklist 1

A small collection of useful links

1. LazyVim

LazyVim is a Neovim setup powered by 💤 lazy.nvim to make it easy to customize and extend your config. Rather than having to choose between starting from scratch or using a pre-made distro, LazyVim offers the best of both worlds - the flexibility to tweak your config as needed, along with the convenience of a pre-configured setup.

2. learngitbranching.js.org

Learn Git Branching is the a visual and interactive way to learn Git with step-by-step demonstrations and challenges.

NOTE If you did a mistake, just use undo and reset in the console.

3. explainshell.com

You get a command from stackoverflow and don’t know what it do? Try Explainshell.com. It uses manpages to describe commands, arguments and flags.

for example: https://explainshell.com/explain?cmd=git%20log%20–oneline%20–graph%20–decorate%20–all#


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